Green Keele - Our Vision

At Keele, we strive to embed sustainability across all our activities, spanning our research, education, business processes, campus and community, as well as our external engagement with partners and business.

Our Green campus is the ‘root’ of our environment and sustainability endeavours; our activities, people and global research are the 'branches'.

Furthermore, sustainability is one of the University’s key strategic aims:

Keele University Strategic AIM 5: To promote environmental sustainability in all that we do

  • Continue to improve the environmental sustainability of the University through campus developments, carbon reduction and the impact of University operations
  • Have world-leading research in environmental sustainability
  • Educate our students on environmental issues and provide opportunities for them to put strategies into practice
  • Provide leadership in application and implementation of environmental sustainability 
  • Be sector-leading in environmental education and engagement with business, external organisations and communities

Performance and Achievements

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