Dr David W. Emley DUniv, BEM

Title: Honorary Fellow
Phone: 01785 812804
Location: c/o Wiliam Smith WS 0.04
Dave Emley

My first job was as a trainee analyst with the British Ceramic Research Association. I joined the Department of Geology as a Junior Technician in 1973 and retired as Senior Technician / Technical Manager in 2016. My job was quite varied being principally in charge of the chemical labs and its instrumentation, namely XRF and SEM but also wet chemical analysis. I branched out in to computer programming and then into website production for the Department but also, through KUDIS, for the whole university. During that time I helped to set up the Arboretum at Keele and especially the collection of Flowering Cherries, probably one of the largest of its kind in Europe. I led numerous lunchtime walks for staff and students and also for groups visiting the university and produced a number of publications on the flora and fauna of the campus. I retired in 2016 but continue to look after the arboretum.  I received a Keele Excellence Award for Staff Supporting Learning and Teaching in 2014-2015 and was awarded a British Empire Medal in the 2017 New Year Honours for my "Services to higher education and natural history in Staffordshire". In 2018 I was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of the University. I continue to help out on some modules for GGE.

Keele Publications

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  • Emley, D.W. 2016. Natural History of Keele University Revised and Updated. 88pp.

Other Publications

These publications contain major resources for our staff and students but also for other workers both within Staffordshire and nationally.

  • Emley, D.W. and Low, W.J. 1982. The Birds of Westport Lake. 47pp. Staffordshire Biological Recording Scheme Publication No. 9
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