Facilities in Geography, Geology and the Environment

All of the laboratories in the William Smith Building have been refurbished over the past few years to provide up-to-date teaching and research facilities. The images below show some of these laboratories. In addition, staff and students have the use of facilities and equipment in the Lennard-Jones building housing Chemistry, Physics and Forensic Science.

We have the following equipment and facilities:

  • Niton hand-held X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer
  • Hitachi bench-top TM3000 Scanning Electron Microscope with EDX analytical attachment
  • Horiba Scientific Aqualog-UV-800-C for florescence analysis in water samples
  • Las Gatos Research Liquid Water Isotope Analyzer 24d for High precision water isotopes analysis
  • Coulter particle-size analyser
  • Dionex Ion Chromatograph (for anions and cations in waters)
  • Lachat Flow Injection Analyser (for nitrate, nitrite, ammonium and phosphate in soil extracts or water)
  • Agilent Gas Chromatograph for Greenhouse Gas Analysis (for ambient atmospheric concentrations of methane, nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide gases)
  • Thermo Scientific Flash2000 Series Organic Elemental Analyser (carbon, nitrogen, sulphur, hydrology and oxygen in solid media)
Geocemistry lab Water chemistry lab

Geochemistry Laboratory

Water Chemistry Laboratory

Sedimentology lab

Dionex Ion Chromatograph for water analysis

Sediments Laboratory

Crushing Room
Cold Room

Crushing Room for reducing rocks to a powder for subsequent analysis

Cold Room for research into Ice


Beaver Laboratory used for lectures, practicals and computer classes

New lab being used for a microscopy practical

Mineralogy lab Ice Lab ice view 300px
Newly refurbished Mineralogy/Petrology Lab  ICELAB