After completing a BSc in European Business with French at Nottingham Trent University, I have worked in the marketing and market research industry for over 15 years (7 of which in Hamburg, Germany), bringing extensive experience, and language skills (fluent in French and German) to my clients.    I am now following my passion for geosciences and, having completed a Diploma and BSc in Geoscience with the Open University, I am extending my studies to a Ph.D in Earth Science at Keele University, studying subsidence as a result of salt and brine extraction in Cheshire.

Awards and Grants:
  • ACORN/FRO: 100% tuition fees for 3 years commencing Academic year 2015/16
  • The Geological Society of London
  • The Geologists’ Association
  • EAGE (European Association of Geoscientists & Engineers)
  • The Mineralogical Society of Great Britain and Ireland

Research and scholarship


Subsidence as a result of salt and brine extraction in Cheshire, and implications for present and future land usage/construction/engineering


21/02/2015 Herdman Symposium: Geoscience Frontiers 2015, University of Liverpool
22/02/2014 Herdman Symposium: Geoscience Frontiers 2014, University of Liverpool
27-29/3/2013 Volcanism, Impacts and Mass Extinctions: Causes & Effects, The Natural History Museum, London
16/02/2013 Herdman Symposium: Geoscience Frontiers 2013, University of Liverpool
18/02/2012 Herdman Symposium: Geoscience Frontiers 2012, University of Liverpool
19/02/2011 Herdman Symposium: Geoscience Frontiers 2011, University of Liverpool
16/02/2010 Herdman Symposium: Geoscience Frontiers 2010, University of Liverpool

School of Geography, Geology and the Environment
William Smith Building
Keele University