Over thirty years of research into natural and induced earthquakes and related anthropogenic hazards, with a broad background in near-surface geophysics, structural geology, geocomputing and geoconservation. Wide-ranging current interests include geothermal energy, geophysics applied to glacial deposits, geologically-related industrial heritage and archaeology, Staffordshire geology, geocomputing, rock mechanics and geological education.

Research and scholarship

Class Fieldwork in Pembrokeshire

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Year 1

  • ESC-10047 : Geoscience Data Interpretation, Analysis and Visualisation
  • ESC-10068 : Academic, Professional and Fieldwork Skills
  • ESC-10074 : Earth Structure

Year 2

  • ESC-20037 : Geoscience and Society
  • ESC-20092 : Employability Training: Engaging with the Workplace
  • ESC-20104 : Field Skills

Year 3

  • ESC-30038 : Geological Communication Skills
  • ESC-30082 : Reservoir Geology and Geophysics

Year 4

  • ESC-40007 : Spatial Geoscience Data Analysis
  • ESC-40073 : Reservoir Geology and Geophysics (Masters)


PGT/PGR Students

PGR students

Current students

  • Cathrene Rowell. PhD Title: Exploration of mechanisms of ongoing subsidence resulting from salt and brine extraction and dissolution in Northwich, Cheshire (UK): A multi-disciplinary approach

Past students

  • Karl Clark. PhD Title: Sedimentary controls on secondary processes: Deformation bands in reservoirs
  • Stuart Campbell. PhD Title: Unconventional and geothermal energy resources within the Main Karoo Basin, South Africa
  • James Foey. PhD Title: The influence of halokinesis on shallow-marine sediments in salt basins: The Fulmar Formation, Central North Sea, UK
  • Raad Eissa. PhD Title: Application of multi-parameter geophysical techniques for the sub-surface investigation
  • Aidan Parkes, 2010. A multi-disciplinary study of the origin and glaciological significance of the Woore Moraine, Shropshire.

Resulting papers: Ann. Glac. ; PGA

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