Dr A. Graham Leslie is a recently retired (2022) British Geological Survey (BGS) Senior Mapping Geologist who has also taught, trained, and mentored students and researchers in a number of UK universities, including Keele University. He brings over 40 years of experience in primary mapping, structural geology and geophysics.

Research and scholarship

A career mostly focussed on the Caledonian rocks of Scotland, Ireland and East Greenland has given Graham the background to author the Grampian Orogenesis chapter for the new 5th edition of the Geology of Scotland, whilst contributing to three other chapters including those for the Dalradian Supergroup, and the Carboniferous geology of Scotland.
Graham has also provided leading geological input to the 3D geological model and geological review of Singapore undertaken by BGS on behalf of the Geological Office of BCA between 2012 and 2014. Integrating strategically-targeted new GI data with existing outcrop data has provided a modern, completely revised geological understanding of subsurface Singapore underpinning new infrastructure development, revision of the national stratigraphical and structural frameworks, and publication of a new Memoir (2021) of Singapore Geology. Similar work is now ongoing in Kuala Lumpur.


Mostly supporting field and structural geology support to BDRG and the wider GGE School.


Mark Grodner (Ph.D.) in BDRG; Ryan Podmore (Masters) in BDRG

Collaborations and grants awards

Supporting activity of BDRG where appropriate


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