A Pint of Science

Three academics from the School were involved in the highly successful #PintofScience global event being held this week (see  https://pintofscience.co.uk/events/stoke) which is a 'worldwide science festival which brings researchers to your local pub/cafe to present their scientific discoveries.
Our main festival (20-22 May) saw over 600 events across the UK.'

Dr Jamie Pringle co-hosted a 'How to Find a Dead body' evening with Prof Cassella (Staffs Uni) on Tuesday 21st May, with Dr Ian Stimpson giving a 'Did the Earth move for you?' talk and HoS Prof Chris Fogwill gave a 'Antarctica: a remote continent?' talk on Wednesday 22nd May, all at a local Pub in Stoke-on-Trent.

There will also be #shotofscience events held later in the year, so watch this space - https://pintofscience.co.uk/!

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