Equality and Diversity Strategy

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As a leading example of an open and integrated community Keele University strives to be a place where learning, living and working is a positive experience for all.

Equality, diversity and inclusion are core values underpinning the University’s mission to making a difference in society by providing innovative, high-quality education for students from all backgrounds and by undertaking world-leading research that transforms understanding and brings benefit to society, communities and individuals (Keele University - Our Vision 2020).

Observing Keele’s founding ethos of ‘the pursuit of truth in the company of friends’, the University is committed to the following values:

  • The transformative capacity of education for individuals, communities and society
  • Equality of educational opportunity
  • Advancing knowledge through independent research and academic enquiry
  • Environmental sustainability for the sake of future generations
  • Delivering exceptional service and experience in all its activities
  • Valuing the rights, responsibilities, dignity, health and well-being of individuals through its commitment to equality and diversity
  • Valuing probity and integrity in all its activities
  • Exemplifying the highest standards of leadership and governance in the Higher Education sector

The equality, diversity and inclusion strategy 2018-2022 sets out core principles and priorities for Keele University in support of this commitment, and provides an underpinning foundation for the development of a range of complementary policies, practice and procedures. The EDI Strategy is currently under review and will be published at the start of the 2023 academic year.  In the interim our equality objectives remain as described in the 2018-2022 report. 

Keele University has developed four equality objectives in line with its duties under the Equality Act 2010 and the public sector equality duty. The objectives have been developed in collaboration with our staff, students, and Staff Unions.

The equality objectives support all three aims of the general duty (to eliminate unlawful discrimination, advance equality, and foster good relations) and are specific and measurable. The four equality objectives are listed below and they are further detailed in our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Strategy. Work to ensure relevant action is taken and monitored is carried out by our Directorates EDI Action Group together with EDI groups in academic departments. Strategy is driven by the EDI Steering Group with oversight from a committee including members of Council and UEC (the EDI Oversight Group).


  1. Inclusive leadership and decision making at all levels of the organisation.
  2. Inclusive student experience/student lifecycle.
  3. Accessible and inclusive campus.
  4. Progressive, informed, diverse and supported workforce.

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