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Keele talent

With around 11,000 students and a diverse range of degrees on offer, Keele University develops talented students into some of the most employable graduates in the country.  Find out how you can connect with Keele talent...

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Degree & Higher Apprenticeships

We offer expert support to identify and deliver apprenticeship solutions that meet your business aspirations. Work with us to develop an offer meeting the future needs of your organisation.

Keele University offers a variety of high-quality services to employers wishing to engage with Keele University students and graduates. Free online vacancy advertising of student and graduate jobs, work experience and internships, Annual graduate career fair and an opportunity to join the Keele Employer Advisory Group.

Are you a small business that is thinking about, or is currently in the process of, developing a new product, process or service? The Keele University Research and Innovation Support Programme (KRISP)* can provide academic expertise and student talent.

Supporting Keele and University of Birmingham students into internships, consultancies, enterprise challenges, bootcamps and to start their own business.


We offer a range of placements as part of our programmes, from 70 hours to one year in duration. In the last year we have offered more subsidised Santander internships than any other university; facilitating a low-cost, low-risk way to bring Keele talent into your business. Typical roles focus on business, PR, marketing, research, IT or science.

Want to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders? From a one-off commitment like speaking to something more sustained like mentoring, our student entrepreneurs would love to learn from your experience. 

Keele is committed to collaborative and social learning: we would really value your input into course and assessment design that prepares students for the future of work.
For more details, please contact Terry Dray, Director for Employability and Employer Engagement, on or contact the Keele Gateway.