The trees at Keele

We have over 150 species of tree on campus, not counting the 240 species and varieties of Flowering Cherry! Amongst them are many of our common native species as well as some more unusual ones. So, if you can't tell a Beech from a Birch or just want to know a bit more about them then read on!

Midland Hawthorn  Crataegus oxyacanthae

Midland Hawthorn leaf Origin: There are two species of Hawthorn native to the UK - the Common Hawthorn C. monogyna and this, the Midland Hawthorn. While the Common is indeed common in our area, Midland is more common the south of the country.

Leaves: At a distance the two look very similar but the main differences are : leaves more rounded and not as deeply dissected and the berries contain two or more seeds (one in Common).

Location : we have a number represented by the double pink variety 'Paul's Scarlet'. One is by the letter-box opposite the holly hedge; square I7 and another by Lindsay Hall compartment 63i; square J10.