Health and safety

Here are some simple common sense tips that you can use to stay safe during your stay at Keele:


  • Be sensible and don’t have anything in your room which could harm yourself or others. Fireworks, knives and air guns are dangerous items and are not allowed in University accommodation.
  • Avoid leaving valuables so they can be seen from the outside. Make sure you keep important documents like your passport locked away.
  • When you arrive at your accommodation familiarise yourself with the fire exits, assembly points and fire alarm activation points.
  • Check the front door of your block is shut after you enter or leave a building.
  • Make yourself familiar with the procedures for emergency evacuation.
  • Take care when cooking – more than half the fires in the home start in the kitchen.
  • Make sure your room door is locked when you leave even if you are just going to the kitchen or communal bathroom, and don’t forget to lock the kitchen when you leave (if it has a lock).
  • Make sure you turn off all electrical appliances (except the freezer and refrigerator) when you go out.


  • Let anyone else into your block or room if you don’t know them and without seeing some ID; all Keele staff have a Keele ID card.
  • Leave your room or block unsecured; this can invalidate your insurance. When you leave your room close the window and don’t leave laptops etc on display.
  • Leave valuables in sight of the window in your bedroom.
  • Leave anything that you are cooking unattended; it can easily catch fire, if it does, you may be charged for the damage caused.
  • Food delivery drivers (supermarket and fast food) are only allowed to deliver to the front door of your accommodation block. Please don’t try to let them in – if you are having a delivery you must collect the items from the front door.