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We value and recognise the importance of feed-back as this helps us to continual to improve our services and understand your needs better.

  • Tell us know what you think about our service.
  • Provide your suggestions on how we can improve.
  • Let us know what works well.

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If you want to make a complaint

If this happens, have a look at the frequently asked questions on our web pages where you may find information that answers your query or complaint.

If you can’t find the information you need, you can raise your concern with the Parking Permit Administration

Student Complaints: If this does not lead to a solution, or it is not appropriate to discuss the issue with the member of staff, there are further steps you can follow to see if a problem can be resolved.  You can find more information on University complaints procedure page. The stages are listed below.

Early resolution

Early Resolution is there to solve straightforward problems quickly. Every School and service will have at least one Early Resolution Officer (sometimes called the ERO), plus one or more deputies, who are there to help students resolve issues. For example, they might meet with a student to discuss a problem, contact other staff to help deal with an issue. Whatever approach is used, you will be provided with a written follow-up, normally via email. Early Resolution Officers can often help simply by giving students a space to talk about their concerns and then giving an on-the-spot explanation for the reasons for the problem or what can be done. Simply email

You must let our Early Resolution Officer know about a problem as soon as possible and at least within eight weeks of it happening. It can be difficult for us to help you with a problem, if you do not let us know about it soon enough. If you send a complaint for Early Resolution  after eight weeks it will normally be rejected.

Formal complaint

If, in your opinion, a complaint has not been resolved by Early Resolution or if you believe it is not appropriate for it to be dealt with through Early Resolution, you can make a formal complaint.

If your complaint has already been dealt with by our team through Early Resolution, you must submit your formal complaint no later than ten days after getting your Early Resolution outcome.  If your complaint has not been through Early Resolution, it must be submitted as a formal complaint no later than eight weeks after the events in question.

Full guidance on how to make a formal complaint can be found in the University's student complaints guidelines.

What you can expect from the student complaints procedure

  1. You will be kept informed about progress in resolving the issue.
  2. All complaints are taken seriously and every effort will be made to resolve things as soon as possible.
  3. If you make a serious complaint, it will be handled with sensitivity and confidentiality.
  4. All feedback will be used to assist with our ongoing improvements.

Staff Complaints: If this does not lead to a solution, or it is not appropriate to discuss the issue with the member of staff, you should contact