The Keele Excellence Scholarship

The Excellence Scholarship is a cash award of £1,000 paid in your first year of study only, available to students who attain the highest grades in their pre-entry qualifications, regardless of household income levels.


To receive the Scholarship you must

  • commence a full-time undergraduate degree course at Keele University in September 2018 for the 2018 award, or September 2019 for the 2019 award.
  • be a UK or EU student liable to pay £9,250* tuition fees. (*See details on expected fees here UK & EU students - undergraduate tuition fees)
  • achieve at least AAA in your A levels (or equivalent).

Please consult the 2018 Excellence Scholarship Criteria if you are joining us in the 2018/19 academic year, and the 2019 Excellence Scholarship Criteria if you are starting in 2019/20.

Students with the relevant grades in a mixture of qualifications (for example, two Distinctions in a  BTEC qualification and an "A" grade in one A level) could be eligible to receive an Excellence Scholarship.

If your grade combination is not listed and believe your qualifications may be equivalent to AAA+ at A level then please contact us at or phone 01782 734010.


  • The Scholarship will not be awarded to students who receive NHS or other public funding for their course. Please note that if you do not receive the NHS bursary you may be eligible. Please contact us for further information.
  • Students taking undergraduate medicine will not receive the Keele Excellence Scholarship.
  • The Excellence Scholarship is aimed at students who are taking their first degree. Students who have a degree or equivalent level qualification will not be considered for a Keele Excellence Scholarship.
  • Please see Terms and Conditions for further information

EU Students

If you are an EU student and your qualifications are not listed please contact the International Team who will be able to assess your qualifications -

Please note Keele University use UK NARIC information when calculating grade equivalencies for further information:

How to apply

There is no need to apply, the Scholarship is automatically applied if you meet the criteria.

If you have any queries about eligibility for Excellence Scholarships, please use the following contact details:

Students living in the UK:

Students living in the EU:

Other funding opportunities

If you are eligible for this scholarship and also qualify for one of our income-based scholarships, you will receive both. That's an additional £1,000 on top of your Excellence Scholarship!

Students paying international tuition fees will not be eligible for the Excellence Scholarship (there is a separate scheme for international students who achieve academic excellence, click here for further information).