Externally-sponsored awards

Thanks to external sponsors, there are a number of funding opportunities available to Keele students to help with the day to day costs of being at university, some of which are listed below.

What is this Scholarship?

The Denise Coates Scholarship issues 100 x £1,500 awards to eligible undergraduate students.

Am I eligible?

To be eligible students need to:

  • Be in the first year of their course in 20/21
  • Be an undergraduate student 
  • Have an ST postcode (home address not term-time address)
  • Have a household income of below £25,000

How do I apply?

  • The online application form is live NOW WITH EXTENDED DEADLINE OF RIDAY 5th MARCH 5pm!
  • Click here to apply now! You will apply using Blackbullion, Keele's money partner platform - if you have used Blackbullion before, please log in to your account, or create a new account if you haven't used it before.
  • A panel will then decide the successful 100 applications and students will be notified of the outcome.

I am a foundation year student - can I apply?

Yes, the foundation year is classed as the first year of your course.

Can I receive this Scholarship if I receive Keele Bursary and/or Keele Excellence Scholarship?


Will I receive this award in subsequent academic years?

No, the Denise Coates Scholarship will be awarded in the current academic year only.

Phil Soar is a Keele graduate (History and Sociology and Social Anthropology, 1969) and a member of the College of Fellows at Keele University. Beyond Keele, Phil Soar is a respected and successful author, publisher and businessman. In the past 20 years, he has built up one of the best collections of football books and periodicals in the world. Phil has written and collaborated on numerous football histories that have been widely acclaimed (e.g. Encyclopaedia of British Football & Arsenal 1886-1986). Phil is Chairman/CEO of a number of large media groups such as Blenheim, DeAgostini, Eaglemoss, Spearhead, CloserStill. Brand Events and Nineteen (19) Events.

Phil Soar has set up these bursaries to provide a student from a similar background to himself the opportunity to access the vital funding they need to support their higher education experience at Keele, just as he enjoyed.

What is this bursary?

£1,500 cash award for five first year undergraduates, which will be paid to them in each year of their study.

What are the criteria?

To be eligible for this award you should:

  • Have commenced the first year of your course in 2020/21 (can be Foundation Year)
  • Be an undergraduate home student
  • Have a household income of below £25,000, come from a WP area, or be part of an under represented group: e.g estranged, BAME, student carer etc
  • Complete an application including a short 500 word essay

How can I apply for the bursary?

The application form is live Monday 30th November 2020 - Friday 18th December 2020. Applications are now closed.

Terms and Conditions

  • Students who receive the Philip Soar Bursaries will not be eligible for Denise Coates or Woods Family Scholarship
  • They can, however, still receive Keele Bursary / Estranged & Care leavers bursary / Excellence Scholarship
  • Students can only receive 1 award per academic year, e.g repeat years will not be payable
  • If a student withdraws, they will receive no further payments

The Realise Foundation has a number of grants and bursaries targeted at people residing in the Stoke and Staffordshire area and addresses a range of social, health and social mobility issues. Visit the Staffs Foundation and Realise Foundation websites for more information.

If you’re studying an undergraduate degree, you could get up to £3000 a year for the duration of your course, with postgraduate students offered up to £5000 a year. To be eligible for a grant, you need to have a parent or spouse who works for one of the Trust’s 3 eligible occupations. To apply or find out more, follow the link.

Find out more about scholarships on the RCN Foundation website.