How do I apply?

The deadline for applications is Monday 29th January 2024 at 12 noon.

  Semester Abroad International Year
Subjects not eligible for this placement Biomedical Science
Natural Science
Neuroscience (Single Hons)
Psychology with Counselling
All Subjects in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
All Subjects in the Faculty of Medicine of Health Sciences (except Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation and Exercise Science)
Restrictions Psychology and Geography students: Semester 1 Only  
Year of application Year 1 (Level 4) Year 2 (Level 5)
Grade requirements 60% grade average in BOTH semesters of Level 4;
Pass all modules in BOTH semesters of Level 4;
Earn 120 Keele Credits overall for Level 4.
Pass Level 4;
55% grade average in semester one of Level 5 AND 54% overall for Level 5;
No failed modules carried over into Level 6;
Earn 240 Keele Credits overall for Level 4 and 5.

You must indicate that you wish to be sent an application by completing our application request form. You will be asked to provide details of your study programme at Keele and 15 simple questions about the process. You can find all the answers you need on our Student Portal. The application link will appear on screen once you have completed the request form and Global Opportunities will confirm your eligibility to apply over email.

Click on the "Request an application" button near the top of this page. 

What do you want to achieve from your study abroad experience? This should be the central question to help you research our partners to determine your top 3 universities. You should start by looking at the materials on our Partner Information Library to see which of our partners fit into your personal, academic and career goals. You should also consider the following:

  • Modules: Are there enough modules available (taught in English) for you to pursue your academic interests and match modules? Make sure there is enough available to avoid disappointment. 
  • Location: Would you prefer a city-based or campus-based experience? What are the transport links like? 
  • Accommodation: Not all universities guarantee on‐campus housing. Make sure you have an idea of where you will be living, any deadlines to apply for accommodation and overall costs including deposits. You may have to share a room and take out a meal plan if you study in the USA or Canada. 
  • Funding: Research what funding is available, as well as the cost of living and any upfront costs. Consider all additional and unexpected costs. Check out the money advice page for more information.
  • Spaces: Check that there is space available at the partner universities you wish to apply for.

Throughout the application period there will be application workshops and student-led events with other applicants and exchange students, recordings of which can be found on our Partner Information Library. There will also be a chance to meet with Peer Advisors, the Global Opportunities Team and Subject Tutors to support you in your application:

  • Peer Advisors: Keele students who have returned from their study abroad placements are on hand to run social events, provide advice and guidance for researching partners and share their experiences.
  • Global Opportunities Team: Run application workshops, support with applications and answer any questions about the study abroad process.
  • Subject Tutors: Assigned to you once you have received an application, they will confirm whether your module choices meet the minimum requirements to study abroad.

Once you have completed your research and decided on your top three destinations, you need to submit your application. It is recommended that you have sorted your reference and have module lists signed off before the Christmas break as time to do this will be limited when we return in January.

Document Recording of Application Workshop Recommended Deadline Final Deadline
Top 3 Choices of Host University for Each Semester 1. Where Can I Go? 01 December 2020 08 January 2021
Provisional Module Lists for your Top 3 Choices of Host University for Each Semester 2. Modules 101 18 December 2020 08 January 2021
Personal Statement: 600 words or 4 minute video/voice recording 3. Make Your Personal Statement Stand Out 08 January 2021 08 January 2021
Reference from an Academic Member of Staff at Keele N/A 18 December 2020 08 January 2021
Brief Budget Outline for your Top 3 Choices of Host University 4. Fees and Funding 08 January 2021 08 January 2021

Your application will be reviewed and given an overall score. Following the release of Semester 1 results in February, students who meet the minimum grade criteria will have their applications ranked, and spaces will be allocated based on the strength of these applications.

Once you receive confirmation that your application has been successful you need to prepare for your arrival at the partner university. This includes:

  • Registering for modules/classes
  • Visa paperwork and interviews
  • Insurance (Keele travel insurance, health insurance and any waivers)
  • Immunisations and health requirements
  • Accommodation
  • Flights and transfers

Your host university will be in contact with you about deadlines and requirements.

Register your interest

To stay up-to-date with information sessions, events and deadlines register your interest with us by filling in this form. This will ensure you have help and guidance throughout your application process.

Do I need a language to study abroad?

You do not need to be fluent or have a qualification in another language to study abroad. The majority of our partners teach in English, however this cannot be guaranteed for all subjects so you need to look on the host university website. Some partners may require a certain level of their language in order for you to study some classes. 

If you would like to learn another language before you go abroad, take a look at the opportunities offered by the Language Centre including: French, Spanish, German, Chinese and Japanese. You may also be able to take a language class alongside your studies while you are abroad or as part of Online Linguistic Support.