Student Support-Money

Going to university can be a daunting as well as an exciting experience. It can be difficult to understand the true costs of being a student as well as the financial support that is available to help you meet those costs so that you can begin to plan your future and make the most of Keele. We can help you to manage your funds, create a budget and ensure that you receive any funding for which you may be eligible, for example bursaries and scholarships and government funding.

Student Support-Money

Our Money Specialists offer you confidential advice and support when you need it. We’ll do our best to answer your enquiries straight away.

We are not just here for times of crisis. We can help you with a range of queries including:

  • Keele University Hardship Fund
  • Emergency loans
  • Information and advice on bursaries and scholarships
  • Advice about alternative funding sources
  • Advice about government funding sources
  • Money education
  • Help with budgeting
  • International student funding (including federal loans for US students and Canadian loans)

We aim to advise all potential students to ensure they are getting their full entitlement in terms of government funding, including funding for all NHS-funded courses. 

What we don’t do

We are not debt/welfare benefit advisers. If you have significant debt problems, such as affecting your ability to remain in your home, for instance, we may be able to help if you apply to the Keele University Hardship Fund, but you should also seek advice from ASK in the Students' Union or go to your nearest Citizens’ Advice Bureau.

You might find the following links useful for money advice and guidance:

  • for information about funding from Student Finance England for UK and EU undergraduates and PGCE students. Also has links to information about funding for other groups such as postgraduate and part-time students.
  • The Student Room: information covering all aspects of student life, including student finance. There   are videos and factsheets you can download as well as forums where you can chat with other students and advisors.
  • NHS Business Services Authority: for information about funding for Physiotherapy, Nursing and Midwifery, Social Work and fifth year Medicine.
  • Blackbullion: Our partner platform is free to access and hosts a wide range of money advice
  • The British Council: information for international students on funding your studies
  • Student Loan Repayment: Official SLC website containing information about repayment.
  • Family Action: Keele University is a member of EGAS, which means that Keele students can apply for grants from this website. The Barclaycard Horizons Fund is also accessible via EGAS.