Professional Doctorates

Professional doctorate programmes are increasingly the choice of professionals in a number of fields, particularly health and education.

A Professional Doctorate award represents an original contribution to knowledge but in a professionally focused context. It has similar demands and timescales to that of a PhD, but is notable by the title which relates to the students profession or area of work. 

The programmes are delivered using a blended approach as students are usually in full time work whilst on programme. The first stage is devoted to taught modules with assessments. The second stage focuses on research with students managing a research project usually based on their professional practice. The final degree is awarded on the basis of a thesis discussing said research project, in the same way as for a PhD.

We offer Professional Doctorates in:

How long does a Professional Doctorates take?

These programmes are offered on a part time basis only and are normally completed within 6 years.

When can I apply?

Professional doctorate programmes have a single entry each year. Please visit the course pages for additional information.