Pre-sessional academic English

The Keele University Pre-sessional English Language Course offers you a unique opportunity to develop the language and confidence you will need to successfully study at a UK university, right‌‌ here on our beautiful campus. An advantage of enrolling on our Pre-sessional Course is that, by the time you start your degree you will be familiar with a university’s facilities, staff, campus, and accommodation.

Keele has many fantastic facilities that will be available to you during your Pre-sessional.

The Keele Pre-sessional has been designed to give you a valuable ‘head-start’ to academic success in your chosen degree programme.

Travelling to and from Keele is easy thanks to its excellent transport links that allow easy access to other major cities in the UK.

Your accommodation is located on Keele campus and is a short walk from all the buildings in the university. Your utilities, internet and insurance are included in your accommodation fees.

A free social programme is organised by International Student Support and Keele Student Ambassadors where you can take part in an exciting programme of social activities.

Accredited by the British Council for the teaching of English in the UK EL Gazette Centre of Excellence 2016 EnglishUK Member

What our students say

Here's what some of our previous students had to say about our Pre-Sessional Academic English course:

"I am very satisfied with the Pre-Sessional course. It taught me a lot of useful English. Also I have learned many useful skills for my further study, such as research skills, presentation skills, reading skills and note-taking skills."

"The course and the activities are perfect, I like it and I love all the tutors here."

"The student ambassadors are very friendly and lovely. They helped us solve any problems and gave us opportunity to meet a local speaker."

"All the staff are friendly and helpful. Regarding my tutor she helped me a lot. She encouraged us to achieve higher marks. She was really helpful."

"It was a great and useful experience. I was alone when I arrived but the Student Ambassadors came to Manchester Airport to take us to the University."

"I wanted a university with a big campus, it is peaceful to study here and the beautiful scenery inspires me."

"Keele University has a fantastic environment for learning. I find the lecturers friendly and approachable."

"I am really satisfied with the Pre-sessional experience at Keele and I would recommend it to other students."

"This course gave me a lot of opportunities to practise English and helped me to get higher marks on my essays."