Specifically designed for Anaesthetists. Interactive, participant-focused and provided by experts with experience in, and knowledge of, your particular challenges.

Course Overview

Our Keele Course aims to prepare you for the transition from training to independent specialist practice at consultant level, introducing you to contemporary concepts of leadership and management, as well as offering insights into the consultant appointment process. The course sessions are themed and linked to the Healthcare Leadership Model and the programme design includes interactive presentations from policy experts, personal development consultants and senior speakers.

Nationally recognised and specialty-specific, the courses have been designed for higher trainees and SAS doctors wishing to prepare for a Consultant position. This will support you in acquiring leadership and management skills, part of the curriculum requirements to complete your training.

Our Specialty Trainee courses focus on

  • examining what leading and managing mean in the context of the Consultant role
  • creating a sound understanding of how the NHS operates and is financed
  • helping course members to prepare for successful  interviews and their early years as a Consultant
  • enhancing personal effectiveness through a menu of leadership and management skills and techniques.

Learning outcomes

  • a working knowledge of NHS structure, policy and finance to support the early years as a Consultant
  • greater proficiency in the key leadership and management skills required for effective practice
Previous course feedback

“Fantastic programme, you had some excellent speakers.”

“Excellent course, well facilitated.”

“This was a good mix of useful topics, presented by knowledgeable speakers. It will definitely have an impact on my knowledge and ability to gain, and then perform in a Consultant post.”

“Excellent course in preparation for upcoming consultant job applications. A lot of highly relevant material covered in a succinct manner over 2 days.””

“Terrific course - relevant and highly useful at our stage. Insightful talks, a beautiful venue and the best food I've had on a course, ever. Wonderfully run and presented. A pleasure to attend and to partake in the programme.”

“Extremely high quality programme.”

“Wonderful overview of the workings of the NHS. All the speakers were exceptionally good. Really enjoyed being a part of the course.”

“It was a very well organised and useful course, thank you. Excellent speakers.”

“I found the speakers exceptional, they made some very dry topics very interesting and engaging. Also the food was good and the venue excellent.”