Foundation Year Mentors

The Foundation Year peer mentoring scheme has been created as a way of enabling current foundation year students in accessing additional support to help them through their studies and general university life. Your peer mentor would be a current Keele student who has previously completed the foundation year, so would be able to offer guidance and share knowledge and experience. Peer mentors have received training, and will be able to answer questions you may have related to your academic studies and social activities on campus, as well as general queries that you may have during your time as a foundation year student at Keele.

The scheme also offers you opportunities to meet other foundation year students outside of your structured classes and a chance to learn more about what your chosen degree pathway will include once you progress from the foundation year onto year one of your degree, by attending one or more of the mentoring events that will take place.

A peer mentor…

  • Is an experienced student who has previously completed Foundation Year.
  • Shares their knowledge and experience to help you to solve problems.
  • Can provide advice and guidance on a range of university issues.
  • Acts as a point of contact for academic related questions.
  • Can help you to build networks and connections within the Keele community.
  • Receive support from an experienced student.
  • Help through periods of transition.
  • Guidance on academic queries.
  • Build networks within the Keele community.
  • Increase your confidence.
  • Gives you a first point of contact for support questions.
  • Advice from a student who has already experienced the Foundation Year.

Current Foundation Year students can request to access the support of a peer mentor.

The peer mentoring scheme is facilitated through Tyfy, an online mentoring platform. This gives you quick and easy access to the pool of trained peer mentors – simply create an account, and you will then be able to ask any questions you have to the peer mentors within your foundation year strand. You should sign up with your Keele email address, which will then be verified to ensure that only Keele Foundation Year students have access to the system. Once your account has been verified, you will then receive email confirmation from Tyfy.

If you have any questions about accessing peer mentor support before signing up, you can contact the Student Mental Health Project Officer who is leading the pilot scheme.

If you are starting a Foundation Year programme in September 2020, you will automatically be assigned a peer mentor as part of your registration onto your course unless you indicate to us that you wish to opt out. 

Further information about the peer mentoring scheme in 2020/21 will be published here in August.