The following treatment provided by the UK's National Health Service (NHS) is free for everyone, there are no fees:

  • accident and emergency services (but not follow-up treatment, or admission as an in-patient to hospital)
  • family planning services
  • diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted infections
  • diagnosis and treatment of certain infectious diseases
  • treatment of conditions caused by torture, female genital mutilation, domestic violence or sexual violence (provided you did not come to the UK for the specific purpose of seeking such treatment)
  • compulsory psychiatric treatment or treatment that has been ordered by a court
  • treatment in prison or immigration detention

For other hospital treatment, there are fees for 'overseas visitors'. You are an 'overseas visitor' if you have a time limit on your immigration permission for the UK.

Groups who do not pay NHS fees:

  • You paid the immigration health surcharge for your current period of immigration permission.
  • You are protected because you applied for your current period of immigration permission before the immigration health surcharge was introduced on 6 April 2015.
  • You have a right to hospital treatment free of charge because of European law.
  • You are a national of Australia or New Zealand and have immigration permission to be in the UK.
  • You are a British Overseas Territory citizen who is resident in the Falkland Islands.
  • You have been granted or have made an application for asylum, humanitarian protection, temporary protection, or you are a child who is looked after by a local authority.
  • You are a member of the UK's regular or reserve armed forces
  • You are a baby aged 3 months or less, you were born in the UK to a parent who is exempt from hospital fees because the parent fits into group 1 or 2 above, and you (the baby) have not left the UK since birth.

If you are an 'overseas visitor' and are not in one of the groups who are exempt from paying fees, you will be charged a high rate for any hospital treatment you receive (150% of the usual 'tariff'). You should make sure you have private health insurance from the beginning of your stay.