The Keele Islamic Centre

The Islamic Centre is now open (including the prayer space) and can be found next to Barnes Hall of Residence.

We welcome all denominations and both genders. 

Islamic Centre

All students and staff are welcome to make use of the Islamic Centre for prayers and other events. You will need a Keele card to gain access.

Please respect the separate entrances for sisters and brothers, and remove your shoes once inside. There are wudhu (washing) facilities available.

Please wear masks in the centre and observe social distancing as much as possible.

Faith and Chaplaincy

Keele is an inclusive and diverse institution, where people of faith and no faith are valued equally. As well as the Islamic faith space, we have a Muslim Chaplain here at Keele - read her profile here. If you'd like to find out about faith provision more generally at Keele, take a look at the Faith and Chaplaincy web pages


We are located in front of Barnes Hall and opposite the Sports Fields on campus.