The Keele Islamic Centre

The Islamic Centre (next to Barnes halls of residence) will itself not be reopening yet as it is not safe to do so during the Covid-19 pandemic. The Islamic prayer space has been relocated to the Earth Observatory (Home Farm). Access the building layout and user guide here (PDF).

We welcome all denominations and both genders. 

Islamic Centre: temporary prayer space relocation to Home Farm.

This space is for prayer purposes for Keele students and staff only, 12:00 – 23:00 daily during term-time. We have provided a microphone and AVS system to accommodate Jumuah prayer, when government guidelines permit.

Please note: there are no wudhu facilities available (the toilet is for emergency use only).

The total capacity on the brothers side is 13 people (inclusive of imam) and sisters is 8.

The safety of our students and staff is our priority. Please follow these Covid-secure guidelines when using the space:

  • Ensure you wear a face covering at all times.
  • Bring your own prayer mat and plastic bag (for shoe storage).
  • Take all your belongings to your prayer station (including your stored shoes).
  • Tap your Keele card for entry and exit – this is part of our track and trace system.
  • Ensure the door is closed after you, to prevent the central building alarm sounding.
  • Ensure only the Keele Card holder enters the prayer space.
  • Ensure you are not opening the door for anyone; each user must enter using their own Keele Card
  • Use the hand sanitiser provided for entry and exit
  • Only use the designated prayer stations; if these are full, please wait until there is space before you enter.
  • Once your prayer is completed, please leave swiftly to allow others to use the space.
  • Do not turn on the microphone - it is only available for Friday prayer. To switch on the AVS, please use the materials provided to avoid needing to touch the equipment directly.
  • No eating or drinking
  • Do not touch or move the partitions - they are there for your privacy
  • Scan the QR code when entering (part of the NHS Track and Trace app system)

Sisters: Please enter and exit from the same door, maintaining social distancing at all times.

Brothers: Please enter from the marked entrance, and leave via the marked exit maintaining social distancing at all times.

Faith and Chaplaincy

Keele is an inclusive and diverse institution, where people of faith and no faith are valued equally. As well as the Islamic faith space, we have a Muslim Chaplain here at Keele - read her profile here. If you'd like to find out about faith provision more generally at Keele, take a look at the Faith and Chaplaincy web pages