Faith spaces

We have places on campus set aside for groups or individuals to worship, pray, meditate or reflect, and all students and staff are very welcome to make use of them. There are also some regular extras, such as our portable ‘labyrinth’ (popular during exam periods!), and opportunities to respond to events in the news or mark occasions such as Holocaust Memorial Day or World Aids Day - check out the Keele Chapel Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, or Islamic Centre Facebook, for the latest. If you want to know more about using these spaces, please contact the chaplains.

A simple room with grey carpet containing a comfortable chair, a wooden rack for shoes, and shelves containing prayer mats.  There is a picture on the wall of a mountain reflected in a lake.  The vaulted ceiling continues past a black room divider that separates the room into two halves.

Prayer and Reflection Rooms

There are rooms around the university available for any students and staff to pray or reflect according to their own beliefs.

There are currently rooms in the David Weatherall Building (Room 0.37) and the Clinical Education Centre at the Royal Stoke Hospital site (Room FF13) - more are planned for around campus.

They are for quiet and individual use, and are divided by gender to make them suitable for Islamic prayers.

The Remembrance Garden in the sunshine - there are open areas of grass, wildflower borders, and a mix of trees from saplings to mature.

The Remembrance Garden

The Remembrance Garden is behind the Clockhouse.

This is a place where all are welcome to reflect and remember Keele students and staff who have died. Trees may be planted here in memorial by arrangement with the chaplains.

To find it, go through both the Clockhouse archways, down the steps and follow the path straight ahead to a gate on your right.