Forging links with Syrian academics to support refugees

A group of Keele and Syrian academics met in Beirut to consolidate their relationships on public health and social inclusion to support Syrian Refugees.

Representatives from Keele’s Institute for Social Inclusion, Institute for Global Health and Creative Partner from the New Vic Theatre made the trip to Lebanon as part of a Global Challenges Research Funded Network building project.

Since the event, Keele academics have led and contributed towards a number of funding applications focused on building the capacity of NGOs in Lebanon improving mental health outcomes through inclusive educational practices.

Keele’s Professor Derek McGhee and Dr Aneta Hayes have co-authored a paper with one of NGO’s, exploring the education and training needs of disadvantaged young people in Lebanon. For more information on the paper, click here.

Professor McGhee, said: “Being in Lebanon and witnessing the education and health care challenges facing Syrian refugees and disadvantaged Lebanese groups really highlighted the areas of support needed and the gaps in knowledge that can be addressed through developing collaborative research projects with frontline NGOs working in Lebanon.

“We have left the country having forged stronger links with academic colleagues and a wide range of NGOs in Lebanon and a more nuanced appreciation of the challenges and how co-created collaborative research might respond to them.”

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