Keele Chemist part of founding team for European Glycoscience Community

Launch of the ‘European Glycoscience Community’

In June, the RSC Carbohydrate Group set up a series of webinars in the wake of a cancelled conference to provide the opportunity for scheduled speakers to share their work. These proved hugely popular and a timetable of fortnightly sessions quickly filled up with volunteer speakers for the rest of the year. The success of the webinars and several discussions later lead to the proposal to set up something more permanent – the ‘European Glycoscience Community’. This community aims to encourage better interactions and collaborations between groups predominately in Europe, but also internationally.

Beginning on 30th July, the EGC meetings will host up to 500 participants, every 2 weeks, showcasing a broad range of speakers in terms of career stage, nationality, and interests within the glycoscience field. We will also encourage others to organise and chair each session, providing career development opportunities. This will provide opportunities to researchers to present their work, harbour discussions, and form collaborations, despite conferences as-we-know-them not going ahead in the foreseeable future. We also believe that virtual meetings are more inclusive, meaning it will be possible for those in the community to interact more easily, especially for those who normally find staying away from home tricky or don’t have the funding available. Different types of sessions are being developed in addition to the seminars, such as focussed discussion groups, networking, and career advice forums.

Information and updates can also be followed on Twitter @ComGlyco.

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