Keele undergraduate research published in Special Issue of Tetrahedron

Matthew OBrien Research that developed from a 3rd year undergraduate project has been published in a recent Special Issue of Tetrahedron: "Engineering Chemistry for the Future of Organic Synthesis". The Special Issue (guest edited by Professor Steven V. Ley of Cambridge University), focuses on recent developments in the use of enabling technologies to facilitate more efficient, intelligent and sustainable approaches to chemical synthesis. In their paper, the O'Brien group (School of Chemical and Physical Sciences) present their use of open-source hardware and software technologies to effect a fully automated synthesis of a series of amides. Using a Raspberry Pi single-board-computer to provide an electrical interface to motors and pumps, the system harnesses the OpenCV computer vision library (in a Python script) to monitor and control an inline liquid-liquid extraction stage:


liquid-liquid extraction stage


A schematic of the system, and the Python code files used, can  be found on the Keele research repository:

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