I began with MSc in Physics (1975, N.-Novgorod University, Russia). Then after two year spell in industry I did PhD devoted to nonlinear internal waves in the ocean in the P.P.Shirshov Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow).

Since 1980 I worked there as a scientist, leading scientist, Head of Group. In 1997 I moved to University College Cork (Cork, Ireland) to become “The Benson Ford Professor of Applied Mathematics’’. 

In  2000 I joined Keele as Professor of Applied Mathematics.

Research and scholarship

My main area of research is concerned with nonlinear waves of different nature, most often, in the context of physical oceanography.

Over last ten years nonlinear water waves were the subject of my prime interest. Specifically, I am interested in formation of 3-d patterns, wave instabilities, Hamiltonian and "almost" Hamiltonian systems, wave interactions with shear currents and turbulence, fundamental problems of statistical description of random wave field, formation of wave groups and Langmuir circulations, EM scattering by wind wave patterns.

My main interest in physical oceanography (the central theme) is in understanding the basic mechanisms of manifestations of interior processes on the ocean surface, but also includes internal waves, coastal processes, Rossby waves, wave-current interactions, nonlinear flows over topography. I am also interested in remote sensing of physical processes in the upper ocean, remote sensing of shear currents near the surface, developing new methods of measurements of turbulence below the air-water interface and cross interface fluxes.

In the area of basic fluid mechanics I am currently working on issues of boundary layers dynamics and laminar-turbulent transition in the flows where there is no linearly unstable modes.


MAT-30028: Perturbation Methods


Research themes

Fluid Dynamics and Acoustics

School of Computer Science and Mathematics
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