I got my MSc (including BSc) in Applied Mathematics from Saratov State University, Russia in 2000. My PhD at the University of Salford was related to the analysis of dispersion of elastic waves in pre-stressed compressible layer. After completing my PhD (2005), I have been a Research Associate at Russian State Technical University of Railways, Russia and then was employed as System Analyst in the industry. I joined Keele in 2015 as a Research Associate, working on dynamics of fluid-filled railway tanks, being appointed as Lecturer in Applied Mathematics in 2017.

My research interests include wave propagation, asymptotic methods, thin elastic structures, and non-local elasticity.


  • MAT-20005 Dynamics
  • MAT-20008 Differential Equations


Research Themes

Multi-scale modelling of nano and meta materials

Admin Roles

Deputy Director of Recruitment and Marketing for Mathematics

Subject Advice Tutor for Mathematics

School of Computer Science and Mathematics
Keele University