I recently graduated from Keele University obtaining first class honours in the degree of Master of Mathematics (MMath) in 2023.

During my degree, I engaged in a range of fundamental modules in Applied Mathematics including differential equations, continuum mechanics, mathematical modelling, wave motion, fluid mechanics and hydrodynamic stability theory. Over the years, studying such advanced modules gave me a profound perspective for analysing and understanding the physical phenomena of mathematical models. In my final year, I undertook a Master's project (achieving a first class honours), supervised by Prof. Yibin Fu, where I investigated wave propagation in periodic flexural structures utilizing Euler-Bernoulli and Timoshenko beam theories with applications to  the dynamic characterisation of civil engineering structures. More specifically, this project focused on the analysis of the dispersive properties of such systems and their band-gap structure.
Additionally, I was awarded with the IMA (Institute of Mathematics and its Applications) prize for an outstanding performance within Mathematics field in 2022/23 (Master's year).

Subsequently, I have begun my PhD programme on Applied Mathematics in September 2023 under the supervision of Dr. Michael Nieves. On this project, I perform the analytical and numerical modelling of multi-scale materials with unconventional responses and that have applications in engineering.

At the moment, I am currently examining the vibration of periodic elastic structures as well as their dynamic failure (fracture) employing powerful analytical approaches such as Fourier methods and the so-called Wiener-Hopf technique. My aspiration is to expand the available methods for obtaining the solutions to vectorial Wiener-Hopf problems, whose general solution is not known.

School of Computer Science and Mathematics
Keele University