Baidaa studied for an MSC in Computer Engineering at the University of Baghdad, Iraq, followed by a PhD in Electrical Engineering from the University of Liverpool in 2018. She held a Postdoctoral Research position at the University of Dundee. She joined the School of Computing and Mathematics at Keele University in 2022 as a lecturer.

Research and scholarship

Baidaa's research focuses on the design, analysis, implementation, and experimental evaluation of deep learning and computer vision algorithms for data from medical and other real-world applications. She has had the opportunity to gain the ability to collaborate with domain experts from different areas. She has been working with researchers from diverse fields such as Medicine, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. These collaborations have given her a broader perspective of the applicability of her work and shed light on new research directions. She has a passion for AI, in general, and she looks forward to building a team of researchers dedicated to addressing real-life challenges. She published her work in high-level peer-reviewed journals and conferences. She is a regular reviewer for leading international conferences and journals.

Research Interests:

  • AI in Healthcare
  • Computer Vision
  • Explainable AI
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Deep Learning
  • Data Science


Baidaa’s research publications can be found at Google Scholar and ResearchGate.

School of Computer Science and Mathematics
Keele University