Research Integrity Resources

Here you'll find a selection of resources relating to Research Integrity. If you find an item that you feel could or should be listed please get in touch with the Research Integrity team.

Wellcome Report - What Researchers Think About Research Culture
UKRI Report - Research Integrity: A Landscape Study

Lucas, G.N., 2010. Singapore statement on research integrity. Sri Lanka Journal of Child Health, 39(4), pp.126–127. 

The Office of Research Integrity definition of research misconduct

The Office of Research Integrity - it's a slippery slope to Research Misconduct

American Scientist article on how to detect faked photos

Enago Academy - Scientific fraud - how journals detect image manipulation - part 1

Enago Academy - Scientific fraud - how journals detect image manipulation - part 2

The Office of Research Integrity - online learning tool for research integrity and image processing

List of other useful resources from the Image Data Integrity initiative

Koppers, L., Wormer, H. & Ickstadt, K. Towards a Systematic Screening Tool for Quality Assurance and Semiautomatic Fraud Detection for Images in the Life Sciences. Sci Eng Ethics 23, 1113–1128 (2017).

COPE report 2003 - How to handle authorship disputes: a guide for new researchers

Authorship: Musings about guests and ghosts - Citrome - 2017 - International Journal of Clinical Practice 

UK Research Integrity Office, 2010: Guidance for researchers on retractions in academic journals

UK Research Integrity Office, 2017: Good practice in research: Authorship

COPE webinar (2017) Standards in authorship

Author services supporting Taylor and Francis authors - Co-authorship in the Humanities and Social Sciences

Reappraised Checklist - to assess whether a paper has flaws that call its integrity into question

Demarcating spectrums of predatory publishing: Economic and institutional sources of academic legitimacy

Predatory Publishing guidance from COPE

Dynamic Ecology

Retraction Watch