Open Research

Open Research is a broad term used to describe the making of all aspects of the research process—including the design protocol of the study, the methods and materials used for the research, the primary data obtained in the study, as well as the final publication—open and freely available for other researchers—and the general public—to access and use.

Engagement with Open Research enhances the reliability, reproducibility, and integrity of the work conducted at Keele. As an early Institutional Partner of the UK Reproducibility Network, Keele has an outstanding opportunity to lead on the enhancement and impact of our research through widespread engagement with Open Research practices. Engagement with Open Research also closely aligns with expectations outlined by both URKI and the UK Government Research & Development Roadmap.

What is Open Data?

Open data refers to the process of making all primary research data freely available for wider use. Open data allows full transparency of the research record, and opens opportunities for collaboration and innovation. 

At Keele we are committed to making as much of our primary research data as open as possible. Of course, not all data can be shared (e.g., due to legal issues or commercial sensitivity), so we operate via the principle of making our data "As open as possible, as closed as necessary". 

Keele hosts our own Data Repository, and you can reach out to the library team ( who can assist in making your data open. Also consider contacting your Faculty Research Integrity Lead, who will be pleased to discuss how best to make your data as open as possible.   

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