Training courses

In conjunction with our Prognosis Research Group, we have developed successful courses in prognosis research, evidence synthesis of individual patient data, and statistical methods for developing, validating and updating prognostic models. We also run an introductory course to the statistical software R for users of other statistical packages, as well as Applied Item Response Theory (IRT) in R, and contribute to the popular Introduction to Randomised Controlled Trials course.

We contribute to courses offered to the wider national and international research community, including clinicians, healthcare researchers, statisticians, epidemiologists, and systematic reviewers.

We also provide in-house training in methodology research. This takes a range of forms including methodology seminar series, one-day invited courses in specialised statistical methods, and supervision of methodological PhD and MPhil projects.

Our short course programme

  • RCT and prognosis course (3-day statistical training course)