Three-day course | International Summer School

Prognosis research in healthcare: concepts, methods and impact

Date: 17 July - 19 July 2024
Location: Online
Cost: £645
Course leaders: Professor Richard Riley, Professor Danielle van der Windt

As increasing numbers of people worldwide live with one or more health problems, the study of prognosis has never been more important. Prognosis research provides information crucial to understanding, explaining and predicting future clinical outcomes in people with existing disease or health conditions. It provides pivotal evidence to inform outcome prediction, clinical decision making, design and evaluation of stratified medicine (stratified care), and all stages of translational research from molecular biology to health policy.

This 3-day summer school is designed to introduce the key components and uses of prognosis research to health professionals and researchers, including:

  • a framework of four different prognosis research questions: overall prognosis, prognostic factors, prognostic models, and stratified medicine
  • key principles of study design and methods
  • interpretation of statistical results about prognosis
  • the use of prognosis research evidence at multiple stages on the translational pathway toward improving patient outcome
  • the limitations of current prognosis research, and how the field can be improved

The course consists of lectures from a core faculty of epidemiologists, statisticians and clinical researchers, alongside group work and discussion sessions.

Please note that no computer practicals are included with the focus instead on interpretation of statistical concepts and results of analyses.

Basic knowledge of epidemiology and statistics is assumed. The course is founded on the prognosis research framework introduced by the PROGRESS partnership, described in a series of 4 articles published in BMJ/PLoS Medicine in February 2013, and our subsequent book ‘Prognosis Research in Healthcare: concepts, methods & impact’ published in 2019.

The course is hosted by the Keele Centre for Prognosis Research and will take place online.

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