• Anti-Money Laundering Policy

    The Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Policy is in place to set out the University’s responsibilities to observing and maintaining its commitment to AML.

    Approved 26 June 2020

  • Bullying and Harassment Policy & Procedure

    Bullying, Harassment and Victimisation Policy Statement for Students

    Approved 18 February 2020

  • Collaborative Provision Code of Practice

    Code of Practice for Collaborative Provision.

    Approved 31 March 2021

  • Criminal Convictions Declaration Procedure

    Applicant Criminal Convictions Declaration Procedure

    Approved 18 December 2018

  • Data Protection Policy

    Data Protection Policy

    Approved 19 September 2019

  • Disclosure and Barring Service Policy - Students

    This policy sets out the action taken by the University to respond to the requirements of the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS).

    Approved 20 April 2021

  • Disclosure and Barring Service Procedure Advice - Students

    Procedure for Consideration of Criminal Record Disclosures by Applicants and Students.

    Approved 3 September 2014

  • Electoral Register Policy

    Policy for the distribution of political leaflets on campus, in relation to Local and National elections.

    Approved 6 October 2015

  • Equality and Diversity Strategy

    The University's Equality and Diversity Strategy

    Approved 1 January 2018

  • External Data Returns Sign-off Procedure

    This Procedure is for all staff who are responsible for the submission of a data return to an external body.

    Approved 25 September 2018

  • External Speaker Approval Procedure

    The purpose of this External Speaker Procedure is to protect the rights and academic freedoms of students, staff and visitors, and to ensure that this is balanced with statutory obligations.

    Approved 1 March 2016

  • Freedom of Expression Code of Practice

    Keele University's Freedom of Expression Code of Practice

    Approved 8 July 2021

  • Freedom of Information Policy

    This policy applies to all information that is created, received or maintained by staff and students at Keele University and by external partners on behalf of Keele University.

    Approved 19 September 2019

  • Gender Segregation Joint Code of Practice

    This Code of Practice has been produced in accordance with the guidance issued by the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC), published in July 2014 and in compliance with the Equality Act 2010, the Human Rights Act 1998 and Section 43 of the Education Act (No 2) 1986.

    Approved 14 January 2020

  • Health and Safety Policy Statement

    Health and Safety Policy Statement.

    Approved 6 July 2017

  • Hospitality Policy

    The University's policy on the acceptance of corporate hospitality

    Approved 31 May 2019

  • Information Governance Framework

    This Information Governance Framework provides the basis for the creation, capture, management and use of full and accurate records, information and data in all formats used by the University. It describes how information is to be governed as a vital business asset which is essential to help meet the University's business, accountability, legal and regulatory requirements.

    Approved 7 October 2020

  • Information Security Policy

    The purpose of this Policy is to set out the University’s intentions in managing information security as part of effective governance.

    Approved 19 September 2019

  • Intellectual Property Management Code of Practice

    Intellectual Property Management Code of Practice

    Approved 1 November 2017

  • Interruptions to Normal Timescales Policy (INT)

    Policy for the Management of Academic Awards and Student Progression during Interruptions to Normal Timescales (INT).

    Approved 6 November 2014

  • KeeleSU and KPA Complaints Review Procedure

    This procedure applies to all students of the University who are, by virtue of their enrolment, members of KeeleSU and/or the KPA, regardless of whether they choose to opt out of membership.

    Approved 15 January 2019

  • KeeleSU Code of Practice

    Education Act Code of Practice

    Approved 21 November 2019

  • KPA Code of Practice

    Education Act Code of Practice

    Approved 20 November 2019

  • Legionella and Water Safety Policy

    Legionella & Water Safety Policy - August 2021

    Approved 3 August 2021

  • OfS Reportable Events Interim Procedure (COVID-19)

    The Interim Procedure sets out matters requiring report to the OfS during COVID-19 pandemic, altering the requirements under paragraph 494 of the Regulatory Framework.

    Approved 9 February 2021

  • Postgraduate Research Degrees Code of Practice

    Code of Practice on Postgraduate Research Degrees.

    Approved 23 June 2021

  • Procurement Procedure

    Procurement Procedure

    Approved 1 July 2019

  • Records Retention Schedule

    This schedule documents the minimum retention periods for Keele University records. It has been written following consultation with representatives of the relevant functional areas and in line with JISC Guidance on University retention.

    Approved 5 February 2015

  • Religion and Belief Policy

    This policy details the ways in which the University demonstrates respect for religious and other faith based beliefs.

    Approved 8 October 2019

  • Reportable Events Procedure

    This Reportable Events Procedure has been written to facilitate the reporting requirement prescribed by the Office for Students (OfS) under ongoing condition of registration F3 “Reportable Event” within the OfS Regulatory Framework for Higher Education in England and the OfS Terms and Conditions for Funding of Higher Education Institutions. It provides
    University staff, students and any other stakeholder with an outline of the process for the escalation of any adverse event or circumstance that materially affects the business of the

    Approved 9 April 2019

  • Risk Management Policy

    The Policy explains the University's underlying approach to risk management and documents the roles and responsibilities of Council and its sub-committees, the senior management team and other key parties.

    Approved 21 November 2019

  • Safeguarding Policy

    This Policy sets out the University’s approach to preventing and reducing the risk of harm to children and adults at risk.

    Approved 13 November 2018

  • Staff Disciplinary and Appeals Procedure (Non-Academic)

    The procedure set out in this document applies to all Keele University staff, except those whose employment is governed by the University Statute 35.

    Approved 1 February 2012

  • Staff Disclosure and Barring Services Policy

    Policy on the Use of Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks - Staff and Volunteers.

    Approved 31 January 2017

  • Tax (Strategy & Management) Policy

    To comply with national and international tax obligations and to optimise the availability of charitable funds.

    Approved 3 March 2020

  • Use of the University Seal Procedure

    Where the University is to be a party in a deed, English law requires the University seal to be affixed to certain deeds and executed, signed and seal affixed, on behalf of the University (attested). This procedure outlines how and when and when not the University seal should be used.

    Approved 12 May 2020

  • Whistleblowing Policy

    Whistleblowing Policy for staff and students of the University.

    Approved 9 February 2021

  • Whistleblowing Procedure

    This Whistleblowing Procedure outlines the University’s process for handling allegations by all members of the University.

    Approved 9 February 2021