The University has a Transport and Parking Management Policy which outlines the principles and detailed procedures for management of travel and parking for the main campus. 

Safe Parking Awards

All University car parks have been inspected and assessed and have been awarded the Park Mark Safer Parking accreditation. This award is reviewed annually and assesses all aspects of car park safety and management  

Visitor Pay & Display Car Parking

A Pay & Display system operates on the Keele campus on certain designated car parks (please see campus map below) and the Hartshill and Hospital campuses. Parking is not permitted on any campus roads or verges at any time.

Keele Campus: 8.30am – 5.30 pm Mondays to Fridays. Parking is free during evenings, weekends and bank holidays. Pay & Display car parks - Students' Union (E2), Medical School (A1), Sports Centre (D1- Maximum 2 hours).

Hartshill and Hospital Campuses: please use the Pay & Display machines in car parks. Times shown on notices. See more details on Hospital Parking.


Staff may apply for a parking permit which authorises  parking on specified staff car parks (Zone C). Permits are obtainable on application from the Chancellor’s Reception desk and are payable by a deduction from salary.

The University strongly supports the use of sustainable transport and encourages all students, staff, and visitors to consider whether they are able to use public transport, or other more sustainable options to travel to campus rather than using a car. The University has a greater number of parking spaces for staff, students and visitors than most other Universities, but this is still significantly less than the growing demand for parking, particularly on busier teaching days.

Staff Parking

Staff may apply for a parking permit which authorises  parking on specified staff car parks (Zone C). Permits are obtainable on application from the Chancellor’s Reception desk and are payable by a deduction from salary.

Student Parking

Undergraduate and postgraduate-taught students who wish to bring their cars onto campus and park on student car parks have to apply for a parking permit, and the University now operates a needs based assessment process to consider their applications. This assesses and scores each student application against various criteria, including: any disability, course details, caring responsibilities, employment, precise location of term-time residence/difficulty of public transport journey onto campus, etc.

This is as fair a process as is possible, and is recognised good practice within the University sector. There is an appeals process in place should students feel that their individual circumstances present an exceptional case that will be reviewed by a panel that includes student, welfare and disability representation.

A zone based system is in operation covering student permits, which requires applicants to identify their preferred car park area on the application system. The main student parking zones are at Barnes, Horwood, Lindsay, Holly Cross/Oaks and the Sports Centre (and for residents at Hawthorns only a small number of spaces in the Hawthorns zone).

There is no guarantee that applicants will be successful in obtaining a permit for their zone of preference, and permits provide a right to park in approved zones, only if spaces exist - there is no guarantee of parking availability. An overflow car park has been created at Hawthorn's to cover this eventuality for both students and staff, however this is about 10 minutes walk from the central area of campus, or a short 50p bus journey away.

The cost of a student permit has been standardised across all student zones, and for the year 2016/17 is £100, renewable and reviewed/assessed annually. Whilst this is an increase from the graduated cost for a student permit last year, this remains well below the average annual charge for student parking within the University sector.

A Frequently Asked Questions section for students is being compiled which will provide a fuller explanation of costs and expenditure from car parking revenue along with other common queries and this will be included on this webpage shortly.

To apply for a Student Parking Permit, please register, complete and submit your application via the below link before 9am on Thursday 29th September 2016, at which point the application system will close. Permits will be posted to the successful applicants term-time address.

Student car parks are available at:

E1 - Horwood

B - Barnes

D - Sports Centre

F - Lindsay

G - Holly Cross/Oaks

H - Hawthorns.