Planning and Reporting Pilot and Feasibility Studies Workshop | Monday 24th September 2018 | Keele University 

This is a one-day workshop for anyone (health professionals, clinicians, epidemiologists, statisticians, PhD Students, NIHR Fellows etc) interested in planning or reporting a pilot or feasibility study. 

The workshop is made up of lectures from a core team of experts, alongside group and discussion work and is based on the work of the Pilot and Feasibility Studies (PAFS) collaboration. 

The PAFS collaboration is an international research group working on the reporting and conduct of pilot and feasibility studies. In 2016 the group published a framework for defining pilot and feasibility studies and the CONSORT extension to pilot and feasibility trials. 

Date: Monday 24th September 2018
Venue: Research Institute for Primary Care and Health Sciences, David Weatherall Building, Keele University, ST5 5BG
Cost: £120 if you register before 30th June 2018, £150 thereafter 
Tutors: Professor Gillian Lancaster (Keele University), Professor Sandra Eldridge and Claire Chan (Queen Mary University of London), Professor Christine Bond (University of Aberdeen), Professor Mike Campbell (University of Sheffield), Dr Sally Hopewell (University of Oxford)

For more information, please contact