Marinela Virginica Nuta - Nursing Student - University San Rafael de Nebrija in Madrid, Spain

Marinela Virginica Nuta - Nursing Student - University San Rafael de Nebrija in Madrid, Spain

From January  to April 2016, during the fourth year of my Nursing Degree course, I  continued my training at Keele University for one semester on the Erasmus+ International Scholarship Mobility Programme with the objective of enhancing my academic training.

I undertook this placement with the support of Dr. Isabel Baeza, International Coordinator at the University of Nebrija in Spain and Dr. Alison Kate Lille, Coordinator of the host Keele University in the United Kingdom, working in collaboration with the team at Keele University´s School of Nursing and Midwifery.

During this period, I carried out my duties as a student nurse in the Staffordshire University Hospital NHS Trust. I worked in three different areas: the Central Treatment Suite, the Children´s Unit and the Critical Care Ward, and had the opportunity and privilege to work alongside the dedicated nursing professionals employed by the hospital.

This learning period was a great opportunity during which I acquired new professional skills in relation to welfare activities such as prioritising individualised care, supporting diagnostic and therapeutic tests, and tracking processes for  acute and chronic conditions.

To gain experience in these areas, I delivered specific nursing care to adults and children of different ages and health status and feel that I improved my skills and understanding a great deal over the period, benefitting especially from the opportunity to discuss procedures with my fellow nurses and to learn from their experience. The nursing professionals contributed to my learning considerably,  showing interest in explaining techniques  which were new to me as well as clearing up any doubts that I had in relation to issues of nursing care.

Finally, I must specify that alongside the opportunity to learn on a broad level,  this experience gave me a greater appreciation of the importance of successful teamwork in maximising the effective treatment for patients.  This multidisciplinary collaboration between colleagues is vital both within a single unit and across all units in providing the best quality of care for patients.

Top 10 in Nursing for The Complete University Guide 2020 Student Nursing Times Awards 2019 finalist Bronze Athena Swan Award