Sri Lanka 2014 - Victoria Bradford, Liz Holdsworth & Zoie Nicholls

Sri Lanka 2014 - Victoria Bradford, Liz Holdsworth & Zoie Nicholls

Nursing students Victoria Bradford, Liz Holdsworth, Zoie Nicholls travelled on international electives to the Kandy General Hospital, Kandy, Sri Lanka.

While there they gathered experienced in elective placements in general medicine, theatre, obstetrics and gynaecology and surgical intensive care. Perhaps the most noticeable contrasts they experienced were the vast differences in health-care between the UK and Sri Lanka. Furthermore, they tackled diverse illnesses and were granted a hands on unique practical learning experience which also included using historical and traditional ayurvedic medical practices (Victoria only) with a village doctor in rural Sri Lanka. 

Liz, Victoria and Zoie were grateful for the brilliant care/supervision they were given during this once in a lifetime experience, one they would certainly repeat again. Furthermore, they commended the work of the Sri Lankan medical staff that had to operate under consistently difficult circumstances and the natural beauty of the country as a whole.

Pictured: Victoria Bradford (right) with a local Sri Lankan village doctor.

Top 10 in Nursing for The Complete University Guide 2020 Student Nursing Times Awards 2019 finalist Bronze Athena Swan Award