Unmaking Single Perspectives (USP): A Listening Project

Welcome to what has become known at Keele as the Listening project, our aim is to explore innovative pedagogic approaches to learning in an interdisciplinary environment through dialogue. The right kind of dialogic approach has the ability to be transformational for individuals in terms of understanding the bigger picture and is a skill that can then be usefully applied in groups and committees aiming working together to resolve divisions, conflicts and other problems. Drawing on the work of experts in the field of dialogue such as Bohm, Isaacs, and Buber the project aims to enable students to practice and develop the often overlooked communication skills of active listening and effective dialogue.

Conversations between students from different disciplines will be focused around key world challenges outlined by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (2015-30). Sustainability has relevance to us all at a local level and is a blossoming field of importance across many disciplines, as well as a growing area of employment nationally and internationally. Greater interdisciplinary understanding and the ability to work together is imperative to the achievement of the UN’s goals and sustainability more broadly

This project is a HEFCE funded Catalyst experimental innovation project, 2017-18.

CONTACT: for more information about this project email z.p.robinson@keele.ac.uk  or  c.appleton@keele.ac.uk

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