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A HEFCE Catalyst funded teaching and innovation experimental project

This project explored innovative pedagogic approaches to learning in an interdisciplinary environment, using dialogue to understand different viewpoints. Drawing on the work of experts in the field of open dialogue the project workshops enabled students to practice and develop the often overlooked communication skills of active listening and open dialogue.

Workshops encouraged conversations between students from different disciplines and focused on key world challenges, represented by the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. These issues are relevant to everyone, encouraging people to share their own, and gain a greater understanding of different, perspectives, ideas and expertise to help find solutions to challenging sustainability issues in the UK and internationally. 

Project Legacy

As part of its impact, workshops are still being requested and delivered using tried and tested methods developed during the funded period of the project (2017-April 2018).


Project Lead Dr Zoe Robinson 

This project was a HEFCE funded Catalyst experimental learning and teaching innovation project, 2017-18


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