Dissemination Events 


19th March - Keele University  

18 April - London South Bank University (VENUE NOW FULL)

23 April  – Edinburgh University



A HEFCE Catalyst funded teaching and innovation project

This project aims to explore innovative pedagogic approaches to learning in an interdisciplinary environment, using dialogue to explore and understand different viewpoints. Drawing on the work of experts in the field of open dialogue the project aims to enable students to practice and develop the often overlooked communication skills of active listening and effective dialogue.

Conversations between students from different disciplines will be focused around key world challenges, represented by the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals because greater interdisciplinary understanding is imperative in order to bring the necessary inter-disciplinary teams together to work on solutions that will help achieve these goals and ensure a sustainable future for everyone.


For more information about this project email z.p.robinson@keele.ac.uk  Project Lead or  c.appleton@keele.ac.uk Project Officer

This project is a HEFCE funded Catalyst experimental innovation project, 2017-18

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