Having graduated with a BSc in Animal Biology and Conservation she started working as an Ecological consultant, working with a range of protected species in the UK. This enabled her to gain a range of protected species licenses for species such as barn owls (Tyto alba), Great Crested Newts (Triturus cristatus) and bats.

She then undertook a PhD in Environmental Toxicology focusing on the effects of microplastics in agricultural landscapes, focusing on the effects to agricultural crop species. She then started as a Lecturer in Ecology at Keele University.

Her research areas include biodiversity surveying, particularly looking at anthropogenic impacts to protected species. She also undertakes work on plastic pollution in the environment with a particular interest in plastic related compounds and their effects on plant development.

Research and scholarship

Ellie works on the BioGain project at Keele University. Funded by the QR Policy Fund in 2022, this project aims to baseline and monitor the above- and below-ground biodiversity at the Low Carbon Energy Generation Park on campus, exploring opportunities for enhancing biodiversity and soil health on such sites.


LSC10083 - Ecology and Plant Biology
LSC20093 - Biodiversity Crisis
LSC30043 - Conservation Biology
LSC30050 - Life Sciences Dissertation
LSC30048/LSC30045 - Life sciences research project

School of Life Sciences,
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