If you are involved in teaching, your reading lists must be submitted to the Library on an annual basis, by the following deadlines:

  • Semester 1 modules: 31st August
  • Semester 2 modules: 31st December

The easiest way to submit a list is to email it (or your module handbook) to your Liaison Librarian or check the previous year's list online and confirm whether or not any changes are required for the semester ahead. We need to see the version of the list that is being presented to students. It is also important to know how many students you are anticipating on a module, and whether each reading is Essential, Recommended or Optional.

For new modules, please ask us to create a new list for you. Once a list has been created, we are happy to make ongoing updates/changes on your behalf. Or we can issue you with the access rights to make changes yourself.

This video guide is aimed to help module leaders and tutors edit reading lists. It explains the basic procedures involved in editing lists on Talis Aspire.
Talis have released some academic training videos to help academic staff who wish to edit their own reading lists.

For more information or further help using Talis Aspire please contact your Liaison Librarian, their contact details can be found on our contacts page.