Library Representatives

What is a Library representative?

A Library representative is a member of academic or faculty staff who acts as a link between schools/subject areas and the Library. Library representatives work closely with Library staff to:

  • Order Library materials
  • Review journal subscriptions
  • Review electronic resource subscriptions
  • Advise on collection management
  • Advise academic colleagues on Library issues
  • Promote Library initiatives/developments

If you have questions or queries about the Library you can contact your Library representative.

Current Library Representatives
  • Allied Health Professions: Poppy Downing (Lecturer)
  • American Studies: Emma Parker
  • Business School: Scott Dean (Senior School Manager)
  • Chemistry, Forensic Science, Physics and Astrophysics: Prof Coel Hellier
  • Computing: Dr. Alastair Channon (Reader)
  • English: Emma Parker
  • Film Studies: Dr David McWilliam (Lecturer)
  • Foundation Year: Pauline Cooke (FY Science) and Julie Hulme (FY Humanities & Social Sciences)
  • Geography, Geology and the Environment: Dr Ralf Halama (Lecturer)
  • History: Dr Kathleen Cushing (Reader)
  • Language Centre: Andy Gater (Learning Technologist)
  • Law: Mark Davys (Senior Teaching Fellow)
  • Life Sciences: Dr. Ella Maysami (Lecturer)
  • Mathematics: Prof Yibin Fu
  • MCC: Prof Elizabeth Poole
  • Music: Dr Fiorella Montero-Diaz (Lecturer)
  • Nursing and Midwifery: Sarah Cooper (Lecturer)
  • Pharmacy and Bioengineering: Wendy Clark (Academic Clinical Educator) and Dr Simon Jacklin (Teaching Fellow)
  • Physiotherapy: Dr Carole Watkins (Lecturer)
  • Primary, Community and Social Care
  • Professional Ethics: Mark Davys (Senior Teaching Fellow)
  • Psychology: Domonique Birks (Senior School Manager)
  • Social, Political and Global Studies: Dr Mark Featherstone (Senior Lecturer) and Caroline Merritt (Senior School Manager)
  • UGMS: Steve Parton (Liaison Librarian)
  • Veterinary Medicine: Joshua Onyango (Lecturer)