Keele University Library Statement of Public Task

This statement sets out the Public Task of Keele University Library (“the Library”) under the Re-use of Public Sector Information Regulations 2015 (the “Regulations”).

The Library was established in 1949. The Librarian reports to the Pro Vice Chancellor (Library and Information Strategy). The Library is subject to both internal and external regulation and is a critical academic resource for students and staff of the University.

The Library’s public task consists of its obligations and the duties of its officers under the University’s constitution and the Library’s Local Plan 2015-2020 which details current objectives and activities and how they link with the University’s broader strategy. The Library comprises two sites; a Library on the Keele campus and a Health Library situated at the Royal Stoke Hospital. The latter is a joint service provided for the benefit of both members of the University and for NHS practitioners in the North Midlands area. This statement covers both sites.

The Library produces, holds, manages and uses documents within its Public Task:

  • In a range of formats, both physical and digital in form, online and offline.
  • On the Library’s sites and virtually.

For the purposes of:

  • Providing effective access to all forms of academic information in support of the University's teaching, learning and research objectives.
  • Providing support to students in order that they may most effectively use the Library’s resources.
  • Developing the Library collections and associated work-study environments in line with new technology to meet ever changing needs.
  • Promoting collaboration and sharing of good practice with other educational institutions.
  • Satisfying the statutory and non-statutory obligations of the University.

Documents which lie outside the Library’s Public Task Statement will not be accessible for re-use under the Regulations. These include:

  • Documents which are regulated by the Data Protection Act 1998.
  • Documents which are accessible under the Freedom of Information Act 2000.
  • Documents where copyright is owned by someone other than the University.

Available formats for re-use of information

  • The Library may undertake digitisation to enable re-use where funding will permit. The Library does not have a dedicated budget for digitisation and is therefore is reliant on charging fees for the digitisation and supply of documents and the licensing of content in order to meet its costs.

If you wish to make a request in accordance with the Regulations, or if you have a query about this statement please contact;

Helen Burton
Special Collections & Archives Administrator
Keele University Library,

Any requests for re-use will be addressed in a timely manner. In the event of a delay exceeding one month, a written explanation will be provided. Any complaints or request for a review of any decision regarding a re-use request should be addressed to the University Librarian.

This statement will be reviewed every 5 years, or following the introduction of new legislation substantially affecting re-use.
Date of statement: 12 January 2016