Mission Statement and Strategic Plan 2015 - 2020

The University Library’s mission is to provide effective access to all forms of academic information in support of the University's current and planned teaching, learning and research objectives.

Aim 1: To provide better access to relevant academic content in support of the University's programme for growth in learning and research

Library objectives:

  • Ensure online and print collections are developed and managed pro-actively in line with the University’s changing course portfolio and preferred methods of delivery
  • Maximise the visibility and ease of access to our subscribed online content in support of education and research, for users both on and off campus
  • Seek to maintain and develop access to digitised materials and digital content for students taught abroad, whilst bearing in mind the requirements of licences
  • Build on the policies already in place to ensure that relevant and affordable academic content is identified and purchased in a timely and efficient manner

Aim 2: To help maintain and enhance Keele students’ high quality learning experience

Library objectives:

  • Enhance the information literacy skills of all our students to meet the changing needs of the curriculum and prospective employers
  • Seek to deliver parity of access to the skills and expertise of professional Library staff across all subject areas of the University
  • Manage the learning space in the libraries to provide a diverse and up-to-date mix of learning environments and maintain extensive opening hours at both sites
  • Contribute to discussions on innovative approaches to delivering learning and enhancing student engagement across the University
  • Review library lending and customer services practices to ensure these meet student expectations and best practice elsewhere in the sector

Aim 3: To provide better support for the University's research and researchers

Library objectives:

  • Seek to develop and maintain online journal collections appropriate to a research-led University
  • Ensure that the academic community is made aware of both the opportunities and challenges inherent in the sector’s move towards making research publications and data available on an open access basis
  • Contribute to the development of University policy on open access and seek to improve the visibility and impact of Keele research outputs
  • Work to raise awareness of the existing Library’s special collections and archives and seek highlight their potential value for Keele researchers
  • Develop Library training and support for the University’s growing PGR community

Aim 4: To contribute to the development of effective collaborations and partnerships in the wider community

Library objectives:

  • Work with NHS partners in the region to ensure that the joint library services we offer continue to deliver excellent services for both Keele users and NHS practitioners
  • Engage with other Midlands academic libraries to explore innovative and costeffective ways of improving services for users and training for Library staff
  • Collaborate with appropriate national bodies (E.g. SCONUL, Jisc Collections) to deliver benefits for Keele and influence the sector’s engagement with the academic publishing industry
  • Seek to work with the public libraries in Staffordshire in order to add value for Keele users and raise awareness of their services

Aim 5: To ensure efficiency, effectiveness and value for money in the management of our services and operations

Library objectives:

  • Maximise investment in academic content and continue make sure that operational costs are kept below sectoral norms
  • Ensure that Library staff are appropriately skilled and deployed to meet the changing requirements of our users
  • Enhance joint working with other parts of the University administration where this delivers discernible benefits for our users
  • Promote environmental awareness and good practice amongst both Library staff and our users

The format and template used for this plan will be modified as necessary to meet the requirements of other University planning and budgeting documents.

Specific projects and priorities relating to each of these aims and objectives will be identified in a local plan each year, and progress against them will then be reported as part of the Library annual report to Senate.