Booking is now open for Becoming Well Read 2021

Becoming Well Read, Keele’s annual Academic Reading Symposium, draws together practitioners from diverse contexts and institutions to support an investigation of shared experiences and expertise, and to forge communities of practice that explore the development of academic reading.
Following on from the highly successful event held in 2019 and picking up where we left so abruptly in 2020, this year’s symposium, taking place via Microsoft Teams, will continue to explore this vital but often overlooked aspect of academic literacy. 
This FREE to attend event organised by the Keele Institute for Innovation and Teaching Excellence (KIITE) will be valuable to anyone whose central focus is educational, learning or academic development, and to academic teaching staff who are looking for new ways of supporting their students at undergraduate and postgraduate levels - across all disciplines. 
Want to be a part of the programme? You're not too late! We have one space available as a result of changes from the 2020 programme and in light of the current context we are looking for proposals that speak to the theme of 'The use of digital technologies to support critical reading’.
Find out more about the event, how to be a part of the programme, and book your FREE place on the Becoming Well Read 2021 web pages