Keele Petrology Group

We carry out research in the broad fields of petrology, volcanology and geochemistry. To solve problems in these fields, we utilise a wide range of field, geochemical, isotopic and quantitative textural techniques, often combining some or all of these methods to give our work a distinct multi-disciplinary flavour.

This page contains links to our Flickr albums with images from fieldwork in such locations as Mull, Snowdonia and Southern Italy.

The MSc Geoscience Research at Keele University is a research-focused postgraduate taught Master's course with industrial and international placement opportunities designed for a career in research, academia or industry. Members of the Keele Petrology Group offer research opportunities in petrology and volcanology for students at Keele University.

If interested in pursuing research in the above areas, please email Dr Ralf Gertisser or Dr Ralf Halama.