stromboli eruption 90x90px

The 3rd July paroxysm at Stromboli volcano (Italy): is Stromboli playing by new rules?

Natural Environment Research Council: NE/T009292/1

PI: Chiara Petrone, NHM London; Co-I: Ralf Gertisser, Keele University

aeolian arc view 90px

The influence of crustal assimilation on magma generation and eruptive behaviour: an oxygen isotope study of the Aeolian arc, Italy

Natural Environment Research Council IP-1907-0619

PI: Ralf Gertisser; Co-I: Ralf Halama; Research student: Rebecca Wiltshire

Isotope geochem of Calcite

Coupled C and O isotope geochemistry of calcite in calc-silicate crustal xenoliths from Merapi volcano, Indonesia

Natural Environment Research Council IMF620/0517
PI: Ralf Gertisser, Keele University; Co-I: Ralf Halama, Keele University

Phengite 90x90px

Tracking subduction dehydration and fluid-rock interaction in high-pressure metamorphic phengite using boron isotopes.

Natural Environment Research Council IMF602/1016

Scales of preservation and root causes of mantle heterogeneities in the Iapetan Ocean convecting upper mantle

Natural Environment Research Council: NE/ J00457X/1

PI: Brian O’Driscoll, Keele University

Understanding the driving forces behind recent changes in the eruptive behaviour of Merapi volcano, Java, Indonesia

Natural Environment Research Council: NE/I029927/1 (completed 2012)

PI: Ralf Gertisser, Keele University; Co-Is: Jenni Barclay and Ricky Herd, University of East Anglia

New insights into the deposit architecture and emplacement mechanisms of block-and-ash flows using ground penetrating radar

Natural Environment Research Council: NE/F000936/1 (completed 2009)

PI: Ralf Gertisser, Keele University