I am a lecturer in finance at Keele Business School since 2022. Before joining Keele, I was a credit risk data analyst in fintech company focusing on micro-lending and airtime credit services. In terms of my education background, I hold a PhD in Finance from Essex Business School, a MSc in Mathematical Modelling and Financial Engineering from the Department of Applied Mathematical and Physical sciences of National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) and a BSc in Economics from University of Athens.

Research and scholarship

In terms of research, my interests lie on the broad fields of empirical finance, asset pricing, volatility modelling and risk management with more emphasis on the monetary-macro-finance linkages. My current research agenda includes working paper in credit risk, in macroeconomic forecasting and in the field of macroeconomy and financial markets (equity and commodities markets).


  • FIN-40041 Corporate finance
  • FIN-40043 Portfolio management and Investment analysis
  • MAN-30064 Analysing Company performance ISP
  • ECO-20042 Introduction to Econometrics

Further information

Working papers

  • Filomeni, S., Bose, U., Megaritis, A. and Triantafyllou, A. “Assessing corporate default risk using hard, soft and market information”.
  • Megaritis, A., Triantafyllou, A., Kontonikas, A., and Vlastakis, N., “The term structure of interest rates as predictor of stock market volatility”.



I invite PhD applications in the following areas:

  • Macro-Finance : macroeconomic uncertainty and financial markets, monetary policy and financial markets.
  • Macroeconomic and Volatility Forecasting
  • Risk management

I will consider applications in other areas if they sound interesting.

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