Dr Ceri Morgan

Creative Geohumanities in Participatory Research

Since the ‘spatial turn’ of the early 1990s, Humanities, Arts and Social Science disciplines have been preoccupied by questions around place(s) – and, frequently, its/their impact on identities. An emerging subdiscipline, geohumanities brings together theories, methods and practices from geography and humanities. Its development can be linked with recent critical and cultural interests in affect and emotion (e.g. Bondi 2005, Tolia-Kelly 2006, Thrift 2007), and embodiment (e.g. Ahmed 2006, Paterson 2009). This session will focus on the creative geohumanities to consider how bodies and places come together – or not, as well as the potentials and pitfalls of participatory research.

The session will be delivered via MS Teams.  Please register through this link.

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